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I know my question might be a little off topic & self explanatory, but I wanted to ask anyway… Yes, calling your voicemail counts towards your free minute allocation. Once you run out of minutes, you’ll need to add money in order to make any calls, including calling voicemail. I logged into Assurance Wireless today to check on the swapping phone situation, and there was a new banner with red lettering detailing specifically how to swap to an iPhone. It’s odd that they would place images of phones they know aren’t compatible, as that simply makes it confusing. Though obviously they expect people to enter iPhone ESNs and that those inquiries will come back as “not compatible”.

You can buy a phone at a retailer with an appropriate return policy (ex. Walmart, Target). They’ll usually allow a return of a handset within a given period of time (ex. 14-days). They don’t refund airtime, however, you won’t need to purchase any airtime to determine if it will work on Assurance.

I would like to know what people did before cell phones. I can tell you, they had good families that communicated in person and lived just fine. Do you think the guys out in the field in the war says, wait a min I have to answer my cell phone. All anybody needs a phone for is to call 911. Other than that, perhaps check on some relative.

So I had to cancel my purchase; it ruined my whole day. The way they treat us with the phones- not giving everyone equal treatment is the way they treat older people. In this day and age obsolete phones are not enough to get by. If you can’t manually delete it, I recommend trying a factory reset, then re-doing the scan.

So keep trying, and call and ask if your account is eligible for an upgrade. Or if you’re having issues with the phone, call and get the smartphone. I can not afford a monthly cell phone bill. It’s just frustrating when we can benefit from it. I have called and emailed with no satisfaction. SWITCH. Every phone is made cheap except for the old kyocera flip phone which i still own and use as alarm and voice recorder.

The CSA has requested the reasons for judgment from FIFA and expects to receive those in about 10 days. According to the CSA, Sinclair’s comments to the official can’t be discussed as part of disciplinary process. Global Finance Rescue is a platform that offers a full range of instruments to aid in assets recovery with the help of highly efficient information collection and processing. My ex husband has lost all of our savings on crypto-currency trading, after that I was forced to move to my parents cause we even lost our house!

Minutes on the Assurance Wireless plan that I have now is ok, but it is time for a change. I have family that live out of state, and children. I never got the opportunity to choose a password, or even knew I had one for that matter!!

  • Whether it’s temporary or permanent is still to be determined.
  • For whatever reason that causes your Assurance Wireless account to suddenly drop the 250 free texts offered, you have to call to get them restored.
  • You have to buy a phone that is a Virgin Mobile & is on their list…..Scroll down a ways & there are some listed!
  • I ended up going back to the ZTE Quest with all it’s problems because it’s less of a headache than the UMX.

Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences. The technical support from clark made it easier to get my money out.

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It’s a shame that people have to buy a different phone, since most of these Jax don’t work! I am glad that some of you have gotten a working Jax. All the people I know & people on here have gotten a bad phone. I had one replaced & neither one worked, so, I was forced to buy another.

Now I’ve dealt with their customer service department on a few occasions, and have gotten wrong answers before from them. Like are minutes rounded up, and ppl said No initially. Also asked if checking voicemail from your phone would effect your minute usage, I was told no, answer was a yes. I have had a prepaid VM account for a number of years. One of the reasons is b/c I can’t always afford to have it turned on, but they let me keep my number which is good.

Once the money is deposited, the account managers then begin to disappear one by one and become unreachable. And if they get back in touch from time to time, it is mainly to request new deposits into the trader’s account. Of course, the members of BFX Option were not able to withdraw their winnings or bonuses.

Yes, the website offers a no deposit bonus, which is available in the form of free spins. The cash-out transactions are processed within 24 hours. However, to receive your cash, then the timing will depend on your preferred banking method.

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This welcome package will bring in new offers and free spins. It is constantly working hard to provide what players need and what they’re looking for in an online poker casino. For now, you can only play the poker game and 3-card poker at Rizk casino, but they make sure that you don’t experience any issues. When you check the game library of Rizk casino, you’ll like the variety of games it offers to players.

plus500 review scam

After purchasing the phone I called back and requested my service be transferred to the new phone. You then spend $19.95 for a PayLo phone with a full size keyboard that lets you compose and send text messages without difficulty. plus500 review This was suggested by Customer Care or you read it on their website listing compatible phones with Assurance Wireless. Everyone of the wireless carriers make it easy to pay your undisputed bill with a credit or debit card.

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They can also help you change your phone number. I never could find any info on this change! Will we lose our free unlimited text & get fewer free call minutes?

I would like to think that the goverment was trying to help people on social security… Too bad, so sad, what do you want for free? Lol My butt knows how to unlock key the guard and call China? Not- it’s them – The only way a company is going to make money.

plus500 review scam

Yeah, I just called and they said it was compatible. I was wondering if there is a way around it. I live in Cali, and I went to the tech person. I was wondering about Assurance Wireless. I understand they are going over to Access Wireless.

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Online casinos place bet limits because they want to limit risks. They must make sure that they continue to be financially viable even during the long term. There are 50 live games on the platform of Rizk casino, and five of them are poker games. The limit for poker is betting at least $0.50, and the maximum is $5,000 depending on which variation of poker you choose. There are over 40 options for live betting at Rizk casino. While you keep track of your in-play betting progress by watching the live score, you will admire the graphic visualization of the service.

I purchased their LG Aspire and they said it had software issues and they would send me a return box. I then purchased another so I would not be without a phone. A month goes by and no $50 credit on my card.

Everything from the graphics to customer support will be the same on these platforms. However, the number of games will be less than the ones available on desktop since some games are not yet available in mobile format. There is currently no mobile application.

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